About us

Arash Holding with its vast investment in manufacturing and packaging industries as well as in distribution and sales networks inside and outside the country, is one of the unique criteria. is a beneficiary.

Having high quality in using the best raw materials has been the most important reason for the success of Arash Holding Company.

About Arash Holding

Arash Holding is proud to achieve unique successes with several years of experience in the field of supply and production by using the modern knowledge and technology of the advanced countries of the world. In today’s dynamic, changing, risky and competitive environment, we cannot hope for customer satisfaction with the solutions and tools of the past. In such a situation, an organization that can satisfy its customers by providing creativity and innovation is successful. Arash Holding has always been based on the belief that customer satisfaction with product quality plays a very important strategic role in success. We know our professional ethics and commitments, and we have made responsibility our motto, because these products are the belief of our collection. With respect and thanks Arash Holding Management

Objectives and policy

  • Strengthening the relationship with customers and their satisfaction
  • Producing products in accordance with national and international standards
  • Establishing continuous communication with scientific and research centers
  • Increasing organizational knowledge in order to improve the scientific level and skills
  • Employment of the country's young forces